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One of the cheapest, but at the same time high-quality private cheats for the game Pubg - Ramex, from a proven reliable developer. I would like to tell you a little about it. The Creator of RamEX software is a person with extensive experience in PUBG games. It was he who was one of the first to create working paks that could not be detected for more than a year. Around his programs, he has United an army of cheaters from all over the world who regularly renew their subscriptions. Initially, ramex includes only one function - XRay WallHack, which drew the siluets of enemies, but over time the developer went further. He improved my software, added a full menu and a lot of new features, which you can see by reading the description below.

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Game Version: Steam;

OS: Windows 10 (all versions)

Game Mode: Windowed or  Borderless

Processors: Intel / AMD


[ESP / VIEW through WALLS]

Box-Shows the character as a square.

BoxType-the numepad1 button changes the type of 2D or 3D quardar.

Name-Shows the names of enemies.

Team-Changes the display color of the distance to vraz as the color of one team.

HP-Shows the number of enemy lives.

KillCount-Shows the number of enemy kills.

HPType-Changes the type of life display (0 vertical bar, 1 horizontal bar, 2 as numbers).

Skeleton-Shows the enemy's skeleton.

Distance-Shows the distance to enemies and objects.

Line-Shows the line to enemies and AirDrop.

AirDrop-Shows the contents of the Airdrop.

DeathDrop-Shows the contents of the enemy's mailbox after death.

Item-Shows things.

ItemAmmo - Shows the ammunition. (Item must be equal to 1)

ItemArmor-Shows Helmets and Armor (Item must be equal to 1)

ItemMed-Shows medicines (Item must be equal to 1)

ItemAttach-Shows sights and silencers (Item must be equal to 1)

ItemWeapon-Shows the weapon (Item must be equal to 1)

ItemPic - Shows things in the form of pictures.

Vehicle-Shows the transport.

EnemyWeapon-Shows the enemy's weapon, the number of ammo in the store, and the number of kills

ShowBot-Shows bots




AIMBone-aim guidance Selection (6-head) Full list of guidance can be viewed in the config.ini.

AIMKey - select the aim button (0 = SHIFT, 1 = CAPS, 2 = click, 3 = right button MyLib 4 = X 5 = F).

FOV is the size of the circle of guidance (can be adjusted during the game using the + and-keys).

AimSpeed - Speed restoring of sight to the target.



NoRecoil-Disabling the recoil.

Spectators-Shows the number of people watching you.

AntiScreenshot-Disables the ability to take screenshots of the cheat (disabling this feature may help if you don't have a cheat working).

RendererColored - if you see an enemy, the ESP Lites up in green, if you don't see it, it Lites up in red (you can change the colors visible and invisible).


[COLORS] - you can change the colors of the ESP display (you can view the color codes in config. ini).

ESP_2D_3D_ON_Color - the color of 2D 3D ESP when the enemy is visible.

ESP_2D_3D_OFF_Color - color of 2D 3D ESP when the enemy is not visible.

ESP_Line_Color - the color of the line.

ESP_Name_Color - color of the name.

AIM_Circle_Color - color of the circle aim FOV.

ESP_Distance_Color - color of the text distance.

ESP_HealthType_01_Color - color of the ESP life outline.

ESP_Skeleton_ON_Color - the color of the Skeleton when the enemy is visible.

ESP_Skeleton_OFF_Color - the color of the Skeleton when the enemy is not visible.

ESP_Spec_ON_Color - color Specters when you are not being watched.

ESP_Spec_OFF_Color - color Specters when you are being watched.



ESP_CARE_Color - Airdrop.


[DISTANCE] - ESP display Distances.

dESP = 500.000000 All types of ESP .

dItem = 100.000000 Items.

AirDrop = 1000.000000 Airdrop.

DeathDrop = 150.000000 Boxes of dead enemies.

Venicle = 400.000000 Transport.



Russian / English



TextSize - the size of the ESP text.

ImageOpacity - Transparency of ESP images.

ImageSize - size of the images.

ResizibleText - the farther the goal is from you, the smaller the text.

SkeletonOpacity - Transparency of the skeleton lines.

BoxOpacity-2D 3D ESP Transparency.

LineOpacity - Transparency of the ESP line.



end-Close cheat / Close cheat

Ins-Open Close Menu / Open close cheat menu

F1 - ESP BOX 2D 3D

F2 - ESP Name


F4 - ESP Skeleton

F5 - ESP Distance

F6 - ESP Line

F7 - ESP Items

F8 - ESP Car

NP2 - No Recoil

NP3 - DeathDrop

NP4 - AirDrop


NP6 - TeamColor

MP7 - Enemy Weapon icon

After payment, you will receive detailed instructions on how to activate, launch and use the program. Which will be sent to the email address specified before payment.

There you can also find a download link and the necessary components for the program.


Cheat doesn't work?

In any game with any cheat, you can get your account blocked. Play as carefully as possible.

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