Working private cheat for the game PUBG Steam / mail / Lite - RADAR HACK

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A great cheat for the game PUBG-radar hack. It is unique in that it works in an external browser window. Just click on the link and you will be able to watch the game both on your main PC and on external devices, such as a phone, tablet, or second computer. Just follow the link in the browser. The minimum chance of a ban, thanks to this, has become popular among most cheaters who are not used to creating new accounts.

Principle of operation:

You go to the cheat site, log in and go to the radar settings menu. There are two ways to use radar:

1. Through a browser on your PC. You will have to minimize the game and in" My apps "on the cheat click "Run", the radar will open in a new tab. Very convenient if you have a second monitor.

2. From another device. You can log in to the cheat site from your phone, tablet, or laptop, and then launch the radar tab there. You can put the phone next to you and play quietly, you will not need to minimize any Windows. A link to the site and detailed instructions will be sent to your email immediately after payment.


System requirements

OS: Windows 7 and higher;


Video card: 2GB, DirectX 9 support;

Processor: Intel ® Core ™ i3-4340 or AMD Phenom ™ FX - 6300 or higher;

Works on Steam, and in the game PYBG Lite.

The function reads:


  • Active [On/Off] - Display players on the radar
  • Direction [On/Off] - Display the direction of players
  • Health [On/Off] - Display the health of players
  • Index [On/Off] - Display the player's number ( some kind of ID replacement )
  • Players size [3-14] is the size of the player icons ( in pixels )
  • Local color [#rgb] - the Color of the local player ( i.e. you )
  • Team color [#rgb] - the Color of the players from your team
  • Enemy color [#rgb] - color of enemy players
  • Health color [#rgb] - the player's health Color



  • Active [On/Off] - Display items on the radar
  • Outline [On/Off] - Display the outline from the selected objects
  • Items size [3-32] - size of item icons ( in pixels )
  • Outline color [#rgb] - color of the stroke subjects
  • Items to be displayed[array] - Select items to be displayed on the radar
  • Item to outline[array] - the array of items that will be fortified with



  • Active [On/Off] - Display cars on the radar
  • Outline [On/Off] - Display the outline for the selected cars
  • Vehicles size [3-32] - Size of car icons ( in pixels )
  • Outline color [#rgb] - color of the stroke machines
  • Vehicles to be displayed[array] - Select vehicles to be displayed on the radar
  • Vehicle to outline[array] - the array of machines that will be fortified with


Features of the cheat:

  • Radar - displaying characters on the radar.
  • Works in the browser.
  • You can open the steam overlay in the browser.
  • Works for the entire map.
  • Displays enemy characters
  • Autoupdate
  • Uses only the game engine
  • Reliable anti-cheat bypass
  • BattleEye is not banned
  • Only the radar, nothing more
  • Does not sit FPS
  • You can run it from your phone or any other device
  • Displays loot(weapons, armor, ammo, and more)
  • Displays the transport
  • The location of airdrop

Buy for 1 day

99 rubles

Buy for 5 days

499 rubles

Buy for 15 days

999 rubles

Buy for 30 days

1499 rubles

In the special fields before payment - mail, login, passw, enter your own data. They will then be used to register in the cheat launcher.

After payment, you will receive detailed instructions on how to activate, launch and use the program. Which will be sent to the email address specified before payment.

There you can also find a download link and the necessary components for the program.


Cheat doesn't work?

In any game with any cheat, you can get your account blocked. Play as carefully as possible.

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