What should you do if my private cheat doesn't work or doesn't want to run?

Step-by-step instructions for PC users of all levels. Be attentive to details.

1. Follow the link: ivsofte.biz/NotWorking.rar

2. Download the archive and unpack it. If you can't download it, you are prevented by security services on your computer, antivirus or browser protection. If you can't open it, it means that you are missing an elementary program: Winrar, find it on the Internet and install it.

3. Next, you need to unpack the downloaded files. And open each one.

Install the components, use the Defender Control program, and disable defender. Use the program that disables security services, check all the boxes in it, start and restart your computer.

4. control Panel-Windows Defender Firewall-Enable and disable-Disable in both points

5. Be sure to remove your antivirus. Also, if you have installed: Faceit, Valorant, Virtual box - be sure to delete them.

Express help in installing a private cheat

For the most part, the instructions above help you launch the program and start using it,

but there are people who are too lazy to watch videos, reread text, and perform standard actions on their own. Especially for such users, we have prepared a service, after paying for which we will connect to your computer through the TeamViewer program and run a cheat.

As a result, you will get installed components, a clean registry without errors, if necessary, we will free your computer from viruses and of course a working program.

If we can't run the cheat on your computer , we will refund the money for the installation and try to * refund the money for the program. *The word "Try" means that not all products on our site are purchased through our payment systems, there are partner products with their own sellers.


There are also cases when your computer lags and does not want to boot. There is nothing we can do - we will refund the money for the paid service.

We DO not" Configure " a private cheat. We DON't configure features. We will only help you run the program on your computer and display the cheat in the game itself.

Pay for installing a cheat

150 rubles

After payment, you will receive information on further actions.

I want to warn you that a lot depends on your system, too. There are cases when your version of Windows is crooked and does not allow you to run the program correctly.

The first option that is suitable for windows 10 users - we will update it for you.

The second option that many of you don't like - we will ask you to upgrade your Windows from 7 / 8 to 10.

Again, all these are subjective circumstances and you need to look at your case personally.


We do not refuse free technical assistance, we will always answer any of your questions, tell you what is missing and what you need to install. The paid method is necessary for the lazy and people with complex cases. By selling this service, we take certain obligations that our program will work on your computer.


Cheat doesn't work?

In any game with any cheat, you can get your account blocked. Play as carefully as possible.

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