Working private cheat for the game PUBG Lite - Ivsofte Hack

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The author's private cheat, from a reliable team of developers, is called Ivsofte hack. This software is gaining more and more popularity among cheaters. I began to notice that once I bought this program, users continue to renew it in the future. The developers listen to user comments and make changes to the operation of the software. User - friendly design, accurate Aim bot and drawn WallHack, which will not escape any of your enemies in the game. Use online payment right now. After payment, we will provide all necessary assistance, free of charge.

Works on system: Windows 10 from 1803 build

Works on all processors: Intel / AMD

Two languages: Ru and ENG

Buy now!

1600 rubles - 30 days


ESP Player

  • On/off
  • Draw loot
  • Use icons for drawing loot
  • Draw aimbot fow
  • Draw crosshair
  • Draw spectator count
  • Draw out of screen
  • Draw boxes
  • - Boxes visible color
  • - Boxes invisible color
  • Draw healthbar
  • Draw text hp or bar
  • Draw bot info
  • Draw snaplines
  • Draw distance
  • Draw names
  • Draw weapons
  • Draw vehicles
  • Draw airdrops
  • Draw dead inventory boxes


  • On/Off
  • Item selection
  • Use custom settings for this item
  • Draw this item in dead inventory box
  • - Icon scaling for this item
  • - Icom transparency for this item
  • Custom color
  • Distance(0m-500m)




- English

- Русский


- Load config

- Save config

New config name:

- Create and save config

- Reset all settings


  • On/off
  • Radar scaling (0%-200%)
  • Radar pos x (0-1720)
  • Radar pos y (0-880)
  • Radar width (1-600)
  • Radar height (1-600)



  • On/off
  • Key bind
  • Visible check
  • Aims at: Head/Neck/Chest/Pelvis
  • Sway correction
  • Recoil correction
  • Recoil compensation x (0%-100%)
  • Recoil compensation y (0%-100%)
  • FOV size for aim (0°-103°)

After payment, you will receive detailed instructions on how to activate, launch and use the program. Which will be sent to the email address specified before payment.

There you can also find a download link and the necessary components for the program.


Cheat doesn't work?

In any game with any cheat, you can get your account blocked. Play as carefully as possible.

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