Working private cheat TooPaK for game PUBG Steam / Kakao

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Working private cheat for PUBG - TooPak. Packs that change game client files before launch. The software does not have a familiar menu, all functionality is regulated in advance. Packs have a lower ban chance than regular cheats. The program has been running steadily for over three years. It is regularly updated and improved. Previously, hundreds of users played with the software. Regularly bought activation keys and renewed them. Now, the software has begun to yield to its counterparts, at least in terms of functions. For example, Jarvis has a lot more of them. I hope this is temporary and TooPak will be able to catch up with the competition. In general, the packs work in the form in which they are currently presented. With them, the chance of blocking is minimal.

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System requirements:

Game version: Steam / Kakao

Supports OS: Windows 10 (Except Corporate Edition - DOES NOT work on it!)

For trying to hack this cheat, you can demolish Windows! [Due to this status of the UD cheat, few people can hack this program, including game developers]

Be sure to see the screenshot and text functions below. They are relevant and at the moment the software looks exactly like this.

The functionality of the Toopak private cheat for the PUBG game

Buy PUBG TooPak work pack. The minimum chance of blocking, the site presents current functions.
  • No shaking when shooting
  • Freeze the enemy
  • No matching animation
  • Clear sound
  • Increasing the loot distance
  • There is no land
  • Third person
  • Clean weather
  • Night
  • No windows
  • Large windows
  • There is no recoil on the first shot
  • No Recoil [Dangerous function! It is better to use macros.]


At the moment, some of the functions are being updated. Current screenshots from 01.02.22

  • No shaking when shooting
  • Green Blood
  • There is no land
  • Remove the grass
  • Grey Earth
  • Passage through walls
  • Viewing through walls
  • High jump
  • Very high jump


Painting: [This is not a WallHack!]

  • Face
  • Body
  • Clothes
  • Cars
  • Protection

Buy for Lifetime


After payment, you will receive detailed instructions for activating, launching and using the program. Which will be sent to you by mail, specified before payment.

There you can also find a download link and the necessary components for the program to work.

Cheat doesn't work?

In any game with any cheat, you can get your account blocked. Play as carefully as possible.

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