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In 2018, the developers of the PUBG game made their fans happy and introduced a new product, PUBG Mobile. Since that time, it has become possible to cut into the royal battle on phones. Shooter worked, optimized. The developers have achieved the same performance and efficiency on both Andorid and iphone. Since the first days of the release of the mobile version, thousands of players have downloaded and installed it for themselves. Dynamics, graphics and gameplay is similar to a full-fledged computer royal battle.

But, as in any projects, there is a certain in-game imbalance. It is connected with the fact that some users spend thousands of hours in the shooter. Hone their skills and build up their game skill. And even worse, when in the vastness of the maps you meet a crazy cheater who spoils the game by destroying everything around. As a result, he ends up in first place with a large number of frags. Then our resource PUBGHACK.RU comes to the rescue. Our site offers users a large selection of high-quality private PUBG Mobile cheats.

Below is a list of current cheats from years of proven developers.

What private PUBG Mobile cheats are available?

The peculiarity of PUBG Mobile is that danger can be waiting at every turn. Sometimes you can not track from where they shoot at you. To navigate in space use WallHack. You can watch your opponents through the wall, other obstacles and even know which way they are looking. Basically, PUBG Mobile private cheats use the same type of functions. For example, AImBot will automatically aim your sight at the selected part of the enemy's body. You just have to pull the trigger, then fire. Additionally, with an aim bot, they use No Recoil (anti-recoil), respectively, you can shoot with a clamp. Many cheats add various ESP capabilities. Modified version of WallHack. Usually these functions are configurable and can highlight the loot, the distance to the enemy and things, reports health data, name, etc.

Accordingly, different developers and a different approach to creating PUBG Mobile cheats. The same functions may work differently for developers. Therefore, the programs need to be tested and choose the best and most convenient option for yourself.

PUBG Mobile private cheats for Gameloop emulator and for phones

PUBG Mobile cheats can be divided into two parts. Those that work in the official Gameloop emulator and those that run on phones. It is extremely difficult to find something working for IOS, because. these cheats are difficult to install and run. But we have something to offer you for android and PC.

BTG Soft - developed by an experienced programmer who oversees many projects for popular games. The cheat has included all the necessary features that will help you win and dominate your enemies. It is regularly updated and modified as needed. After technical work in the game, users return to battle after a few hours. Works only in the official Gameloop emulator.

Soft HUB is one of the most requested cheats, which is played by hundreds of users all over the world. The coders even made the decision to delimit the versions. Released keys for CIS and Global format. Because it was too cheap for foreigners to buy Russian activation codes. Easy start and installation. And of course, it includes all the necessary functions of the aim bot type, which we wrote about above. Minimum blocking chance. Update for Gameloop emulator.

After a long break, a high-quality Aquila cheat was returned to sale. The developer has done a lot of work on the bugs. I have implemented a modern way of bypassing anti-cheat into the software, which has proven itself well in the Steam version of the program. Aquila includes all the necessary features that will help you win and occupy the TOP 1. Convenient menu, easy to set up and aesthetically pleasing to look at. Easy start-up and installation.

Ninja Hack aka SharShooter is one of the most stable cheats for PUBG Mobile Android. It has been updated and maintained over the years. Minimal chance of blocking, simple launch and installation. The only important criterion for the software to work is that the device must have Root rights. It simply won't run without them. If you don’t know what it is, then be sure to google it and figure it out. Personally, rarely anyone buys it from me, but a list of regular customers has formed, for the sake of which I keep it on the site. This does not mean that the software is not relevant. This means that not everyone is given root rights. It is not uncommon for users to refer their androids to specialized services when they themselves cannot cope.

A list of reliable private pubg mobile cheats, which are regularly updated and improved by developers.

Download PUBG Mobile cheats for free

Why PUBG Mobile cheats on our site will not be distributed for free? The answer is extremely simple, because they are regularly updated and maintained by the developers with a minimum chance of a ban. With each activation, they receive money for their work. Accordingly, we guarantee that your computer will not be infected with viruses and ransomware banners. It makes no sense for us to harm our customers, because the main goal is for you to return to our resource and renew your activation key. Therefore, the cheats are being finalized and show a qualitative result. Users confidently take first place and get new emotions from the gameplay. Take advantage of online payment right now and do not deny yourself anything in your favorite shooter.

Cheat doesn't work?

In any game with any cheat, you can get your account blocked. Play as carefully as possible.

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