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For a long time there were no decent radars in the PUBG game. For some reason unknown to me, the developers did not devote time to an elementary, but at the same time necessary opportunity. Recently, we have been provided with a working product that is fully updated and working. We are ready to offer you a high-quality radar that will display all your rivals in the district. This cheat is suitable for those who do not want to break the thrill of the game to themselves or other users. Roughly speaking, you will know the location of the enemy, but you still have to cope with the skills of the opponent and shoot him. I think the most rational use case is to wait for the enemies to shoot each other and get into the TOP 10. There is already to work out the issue of destroying enemies. The radar will display the location of the opponents on the game mini-map and in the outer square, which can be adjusted and adjusted.

It looks like this:

It will be able to display enemies on the game mini-map and in the outer square.

System requirements of the DH private radar for the PUBG game

System requirements of a private radar for the PUBG game

Operating Systems: Windows 7, 8, 8.1, 10, 11;

Processors: Intel and AMD.

It is desirable that at least 2GB of RAM is free. Roughly speaking, so that it would always be enough in the game. The software requires literally 200 MB. If you run it on a PC with extremely little RAM, the software will take a long time to load and will not be playable.


A little information about the external radar:

The number of loaded players is displayed in green at the top of the yellow square. At the bottom of the blue is the possibility of increasing the radar. Hover the mouse and adjust the size of the mini-card in the frame with the wheel.

You can buy a private radar for the PUBG game online on our website

After payment, you will receive detailed instructions on how to activate, launch and use the program. Which will be sent to the email address specified before the payment.

There you can also find a download link and the necessary components for the program to work.

Cheat doesn't work?

In any game with any cheat, you can get your account blocked. Play as carefully as possible.

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